The price of every service Kielitie provides is estimated case-specifically since there are many factors that affect the realization of each assignment, such as the technicality of the source text, the purpose of the target text and the length of the text. However, I guarantee that the price I offer is competitive. Ask for an offerfor your work, and I will negotiate a price that suits you. I will gladly read your text in advance so that I can estimate a proper price. 

Why choose Kielitie?

Because Kielitie does not use subcontractors, their rewards do not raise the price. Therefore, I can make you a more advantageous offer. As a customer of Kielitie, you will always be in direct contact to your translator, Tuomas Iivanainen. Thus, the service you get is personal and exclusively designed for your or your company’s needs. In addition, your translations will always be done by the same translator, so you can count on getting your works done with the same high quality every time you order from Kielite. I also offer revision for the translations provided by Kielitie for an affordable price if there is anything you wish to change in your translation.


  • The price of non-fiction texts depends on the language pair and amount of words in the text. I will inform you of the price as a price-per-word-rate, price-per-page-rate and a price for the whole translation.
  • The price of literary translations is affected also by the genre of the text.

Proofreading, editing, stylizing

  • The price is determined by the amount of words and errors in the text. The price is also affected by the thoroughness of editing you wish to get; I can correct misspellings, check the grammar and choice of words or stylize your text for a specific purpose. A small fee is added if you wish your text to be commented as well.


  • The price of subtitling is determined by the number of subtitles in the video. One subtitle consists of two lines at most. If there is no script available for the video that is to be subtitled, the video has to be transcribed first. This extends the duration of the work and thus its price as well.


  • The price of transcriptions is determined by the length of the recording or video and the speech rate of the speaker(s). I will calculate the speech rate and let you know it as I make an offer for the price of the work.


  • The price of localization is determined by the number of words and the chosen language pair.

Language training

  • I charge private tutoring by the hour and language courses according either to an agreed single payment or by the hour.