Translations in language pairs English-Finnish and Finnish-English.

  • Expository texts: At Kielitie, you can have all kinds of expository texts translated. Your  translation  will be tailored to match the conventions of its genre be it academic writing, a manual, a report or any other type of expository text. I will deal with your text confidentially and ensure that your data will not be disclosed to third parties.

  • Literary translations: I also translate poems, short stories or longer pieces of fiction, conveying the ideas and style of the source text fluently to another language.

  Proofreading, editing, stylizing

  • As a language professional, my know-how not only involves translating but I also correct the grammar of your texts in both Finnish and English and choose apt vocabulary for them. In addition, I stylize the texts fitting to each situation and purpose.

  • On demand, I can also add comments to your corrected text in order for you to see why the changes have been made and so that you can choose which changes to keep. As I am also a qualified language teacher, I can help you develop your writing skills with my comments.


  • In my translation studies, I specialized in audio-visual translation which makes me well-equipped to create subtitles in both Finnish and English.

  • I also write monolingual subtitles for both Finnish and English films or video clips.

  • Subtitling is not only rendering spoken language written, but it requires understanding of a multimodal entities as well as the skill to summarize text to a form that fits the screen. It is wise to trust a professional when it comes to subtitling, for their knowledge of the conventions of the art allow the production of stylish subtitles without translation errors.


  • I transcribe speech from all recordings and videos. I make transcriptions monolingually in both Finnish and English and I can also translate the transcribed text. You can count on me even if the accent is challenging for I am a specialist of English accents in both theory and practice.


  • Bilingual sites gather more visitors and localized programs are easier to use. I localize .po and .pot files and I can generate suitable formats for example from .php files.

  Language training

  • I graduated from the University of Helsinki both as a translator and a language teacher.

  • I organize courses designed to answer the needs of a specific company to single persons, small groups and larger group sizes.

  • I offer individual tutoring personalized just for you with a flexible timetable and right where you would like to study