Translation Service Kielitie

Form of Enterprise: sole proprietorship

Business ID: 2781679-8


Contact details:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +358 407284050

Address: Sepänkyläntie 12 D 13, FI-02430 Kirkkonummi, Finland


Translator: Tuomas Iivanainen

Education: Master of Arts (MA), University of Helsinki, Department of Modern Languages, Helsinki

Major: English Philology

Minors: Translation Studies (long; 60 ECTS), Pedagogy (long; 60 ECTS), Irish Language and Culture (short; 25 ECTS)

My areas of expertise

Legal texts and agreements

  • During my career, I have translated numerous agreements, privacy policies as well as rules and regulations from Finnish to English and vice versa.


Scientific and academic texts

  • My translation history contains plenty of translations of several Finnish universities' and polytechnics' website content, course descriptions, entrance examination instructions and press releases. In addition, I have translated and edited Master’s theses as well as polytechnic final projects.


Marketing texts

  • I am experienced in translating marketing materials. The materials I have translated comprise, for example, websites of commercial companies, advertising campaigns, product descriptions and brochures.


Technical texts

  • I have translated instruction manuals and marketing materials of various technological devices, software and industrial products.



  • I regularly translate both internal and external communications of companies, educational institutions and organizations as well as customer communication, B2B communication, news articles and blog texts.



  • Even though I work as a full time translator, I am also a qualified English teacher through my MA degree in English Philology and a long minor subject in Pedagogy. I am fully familiar with academic pedagogical texts as well as the practicalities of a language teacher’s job.


Ireland and its culture

  • I spent a student exchange semester in Cork, southern Ireland, studying Irish culture, language and history at the University College Cork. During the exchange, I completed a minor subject called ‘Irish Language and Culture’ and gained valuable experience in the Irish way of life and the conventions of the country's languages.


Accents of English

  • For my Master of Arts thesis, which was granted an excellent grade, I conducted a research on understanding different accents of English. My research familiarized me with theoretical concepts of accents as well as gave me practical experience in understanding accents of English. This research provided me with a skill-set that enables me to transcribe even the most difficult accents and dialects of the English language.


Tourism and travel literature

  • My Bachelor of Arts thesis was a study on travel literature. This study required careful theoretical examination of travel literature as a genre through which I acquired knowledge of the conventions of the art as well as competence in its theory.



  • I am a devoted music enthusiast and have studied musicology at the University of Helsinki. I have become familiarized with both academic and less formal musical texts through my studies and music hobby.